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Quintons Pharmacy was incorporated in the year 2015 with a vision to excel in tying up renowned international brands for distribution into the East African market and to be the leading pharmacy chain in East Africa, delivering state of the art pharmacy’s with a focus on personalized health care, affordable genuine medication and beauty products. Quintons Pharmacy dynamic and trained professionals are fully qualified to assist you with ensuring you get the best health care possible.

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What We Believe in

Our Mission

Accessible, convenient and affordable healthcare

Our Vision

To be the leading Pharmacy chain in East Africa

Promotion of healthy lifestyles

Did you know your pharmacist at Quintons can provide you with advice and tips on keeping healthy such as stopping smoking, how to eat healthily and how to get enough exercise. You may also be able to get leaflets and written information to help you make healthier choices.

Support for self-care

At Quintons we want to make sure that you can look after yourself and your family. We can help you to do this by giving advice on treating minor ailments like coughs and colds or long term conditions such as asthma and diabetes

Message From Chief Pharmacist Superintendent

--- Message from Chief Pharmacist -- Chief Pharmacist Superintendent

“ On behalf of the entire Quintons Pharmacy staff, it is my pleasure to welcome you. Whether you are visiting to help plan for a future stay or researching our Products or any of our other services, we hope you find our website helpful and informative.
At Quintons Pharmacy, patient care is our number one priority. When we first opened our doors, it was our goal to create an advanced high quality Pharmacy with a family like atmosphere of warmth and compassion. As professionals, each day we are driven to meet that goal by providing unsurpassed care to each and every patient and guest. If you do come to visit us, we know you will find that Quintons Pharmacy is a special Pharmacy in a serene atmosphere that places patient comfort and recovery above all else.
Please take a moment to browse through the various components of our site. You can find detailed information on our health Tips Tab and acute care services as well as other subject matter. New segments will be added to our site in the future that will make it even more of a useful tool for you, our patients and guests.
Thank you again for considering Quintons Pharmacy as your health care provider of choice. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Yours in Health,
Chief Pharmacist ”

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